Practical Homesteading in a Modern World

It's no wonder that in this fast paced,
hyper-technological society we live in, that some of us feel a strong calling to get back to our roots. Roots that transport us to a time of simplicity, self sufficiency, hard work and great rewards. We at Homestead Haven feel that same calling, and want to join with you in recreating a dimension of life that has gone by the wayside.
We may not all be able to completely disentangle ourselves from the modern world---nor would we wish to. Let's face it, running water and electricity are wonderful things! But, in some small way, each of us can bring part of the past back into the future. Wouldn't it be comforting to know that the food you and your family eat is safe and nutritious? How about pulling out fresh warm eggs from beneath your own chickens? And the aroma of a loaf of homemade bread made with grain you ground (and maybe even grew) yourself? If this sounds appealing to you, we welcome you to Homestead Haven, where we hope you find something to make your journey more fulfilling.